【Rinus Michels】Barca Tactics【Josep Guardiola】

*Reprinted from Youtube

Rinus Michels:Total Footboall
1)ball posession
2)offside trap
3)pass and move
4)switching positions
5)high defensive line
6)high pressing
7)technical players

Josep Guardiola:Keep Posession
1)keep posession
2)high pressing
3)switching positions
4)high defensive line
5)make the field small & big
6)goalkeeper who is comfortable with the ball
7)short goalkick
8)short corners
9)creating space for teammates
10)domiate the midfield and attack as a unit 11)formations

FCバルセロナ FCBarcelona Futbol Club Barcelona Barca Barça、Azulgrana、Blaugrana、Culers Blau Grana リヌス・ミケルス Rinus Michels ジョゼップ・グアルディオラ・イ・サラ Josep Guardiola i Sala Pep